Sam Gladden

BA (Hons) LCHE Rs Hom

Sam qualified as a homeopath in 2007 and has always been interested in improving the health of the mind and body. She enjoys treating a wide range of conditions and specialises in children’s illnesses. She runs a children’s clinic and is also qualified in Reiki healing. She also teaches courses in Reiki healing and meditation.
In my practice, I treat the whole person which includes the body on all the different levels physical, mental, emotional and soul. I also provide advice on your diet and lifestyle, which are factors that contrib
ute to your state of health.

Homeopathy is a natural approach to medicine that works with the body gently stimulating your self healing mechanism to treat your physical and emotional symptoms which can include  coughs, colds, asthma, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, eczema, hot flushes, IBS, menopause, PMT, pregnancy related symptoms, persistent infections, sleeplessness,  grief and depression.

It is a holistic medicine, which safely and effectively treats all aspects of your symptoms and the underlying cause of illness.

Sam would love to hear from you with any questions on Homeopathy and how it can help you get better:

Hendon Natural Health Centre
     020 8202 9747

12 Golders Rise


London NW4 2HR

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