McTimoney Method Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology & Brain Gym®

Kay McCarroll MC, AMC, MMCA, MGCC

Clinic owner

McTimoney Chiropractor for people & animals

Applied Kinesiology Teacher & Practitioner

Licensed Educational Kinesiology Consultant and

Brain Gym® Instructor

Hyperton X Muscle Release Teacher & Practitioner


Kay has worked as a Chiropractor for over 30 years and has extensive experience with many types of musculo-skeletal conditions.  She has a unique set of skills, as she is also an experienced muscle worker with training in Hypertonic Muscle Release, Applied Kinesiology and Muscle Re-Education.  She brings an intuitive and friendly approach to her work and especially welcomes working with pregnant mothers and babies.

Chiropractic looks at posture and alignment and how it affects wellbeing, movement and ease of function in daily life. Our day-to-day activities, poor posture, accidents and illness may cause discomfort, stiffness and inhibition of natural movement. Kay qualified as a Chiropractor in 1987.

Kay’s clientele come for help with a wide variety of conditions covering body and mind. Physical issues include  general back and spinal problems, sports injuries and accidents. 

This cumulative experience has enabled her to open her own natural health clinics in Hendon in London, Inverness, Craigellachie and Kirkwall in Scotland. Her work and teaching has gained her a reputation in the complementary health care field internationally.


McTimoney Method of Chiropractic can be helpful to animals, as animals suffer from the same musculo-skeletal problems as humans and can benefit from chiropractic manipulation. The gentle, non-invasive approach of McTimoney Method Chiropractic is readily accepted by animals and helps restore health, soundness and performance. It is helpful both in preventive care and in dealing with accidents and injuries.

Kay is a qualified McTimoney animal practitioner and offers a domestic animal clinic at the Centre, such as cats and dogs.

She also offers treatments for horses on location by prior arrangement.  Phone us for details and fees.


Kinesiology is a natural healing method, which uses muscle testing to bring awareness of the healing needs of the body and mind. It deals with these by a variety of techniques, including energy balancing and muscle work. The positive effects of Kinesiology range from muscular problems and nutrition to stress and anxiety. These gentle and self-empowering techniques can bring profound change to all aspects of one’s health and being.


Educational Kinesiology & Brain Gym®, which originates in the USA, was brought to the UK by Kay in 1984.  It is now used in many schools and by special needs pupils to help them improve their concentration and learning skills. It was because of the Brain Gym® work that Kay, a dyslexic, was able to go back to train at the age of 39, as a Chiropractor.

Educational Kinesiology uses specially targeted movements, Brain Gym®, to develop and enhance the physical and emotional skills that underlie all learning.   Originally created to help people with learning blocks, for example in reading, it can also benefit anyone wishing to maximise their potential and improve their skills - in education, business, communication, concentration, sports, the arts and self-development. Many adults as well as children benefit from this self-help programme. Developed by a specialist educator, Paul Dennison PhD, it is used in over 80 countries.

Kay specialises in working with adults for physical, emotional, learning and life goals. She offers brain and sensory preference profiling to enhance understanding in learning, life attitude and relationships - partners, parent/child, business and groups.

For more information on Brain Gym and what it can achieve, go to

Kay holds dipl

Releasing a muscular stress response, the tendon guard reflex

omas in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and uses her experience with Brain Gym and Educational Kinesiology for learning, body/brain, emotional and relationship issues. 

Clients say ......

Educational Kinesiology & Brain Gym®

“I have been a client of Kay’s for the past 25 years. She has been a most skilled and professional practitioner in Kinesiology to whom I have returned time and time again. I have had problems in my family life that she has helped me to resolve. I have also benefited from McTimoney Chiropractic treatment and Brain Gym. I can truly say that I have now achieved stability, health and happiness to which Kay has been a very great contributor. “ N P


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People: Tuesday & Thursday

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Large animals home visits: Friday

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