Julia Phombeah Day

What clients say:

Hendon Natural Health Centre
     020 8202 9747

12 Golders Rise


London NW4 2HR


  1. I first met Julia when she was a trainee Reflexologist in 1994/95 working in a health food store in London N20.  She used me as a case study for approximately six sessions, which for me, were extremely relaxing and invigorating at the time. I could feel immediately that her touch was delicate and sensitive which suited me perfectly.

  1. A few years later, after qualifying in Aromatherapy, she once again showed why she was so good at             her job, i.e. the pressure was always perfect and I always felt refreshed and relaxed at the end of each session. Since then I have found that Aromatherapy suits me best.

  2. Julia is always welcoming, friendly and very professional as well as excellent with her client care.  I cannot recommend her enough.  N. A. 

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  1. I have been a client of Julia’s for about ten years now and always look forward to my Reflexology sessions, which I have fortnightly when possible.  I am always sorry when the treatment is finished!  I get a feeling of well-being from my sessions and I am convinced that they contribute to my good health. 

  2. Since Julia started offering the Ayurvedic Kansa Vatki Foot Massage we have combined it with my Reflexology sessions and I have found it so relaxing that I often fall asleep!

  3. I look forward to many more years of treatment from Julia.  P G