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Kay McCarroll

Niki Honoré

Kay and Niki are fully qualified Brain Gym and Educational Kinesiology Instructors.  Kay is International Faculty for the UK and both are directors of the Educational Kinesiology Trust, the official professional body for membership and training in the UK.

Kay teaches worldwide and offers Educational Kinesiology Advanced Courses - such as Movement Re-education - for chiropractors and other bodyworkers as well as a wide range of Brain Gym courses from the professional curriculum. 

Niki teaches the Brain Gym Foundation course and Optimal Brain Organisation.

Details, dates and locations of Niki’s courses can be found at:

If you are interested in receiving information on forthcoming courses from Niki, email to

Kay and Niki also offer workplace training.

Kay McCarroll

Niki Honoré

Hendon Natural Health Centre
     020 8202 9747

12 Golders Rise


London NW4 2HR

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